Veteran Programs

Our veterans deserve safe and stable housing and decent-paying jobs when they return to our communities. Of Color Inc provides Chicago veterans with housing, employment, and supportive services to successfully reintegrate into society. We also deliver ongoing mentoring, coaching, and support to tackle the core issues of veteran homelessness.

Through our Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) which is funded through the Department of Labor, Of Color Inc implements a service model which consists of multiple phases to ensure eligible program participants are work-ready at the end of their experience. This includes intake, referral and assessment, job readiness training, job placement, retention and supportive services. After a series of assessments, we work with our veterans to create individual development plans (IDP) that highlight goals for success in employment, housing, and other critical needs that impact their lives. Goals include but are not limited to completing job readiness training, mental health and medical linkage, education, childcare needs, VA service, and TANF linkage.

Of Color Inc also provides intensive case management and uses motivational interviewing techniques to help veterans prosper. We offer job training, skills building, employment placements, and individual career tutoring through our community partnerships. In addition to this, we refer our veterans to partners that host hiring events and provide transportation services.

Helping secure jobs for veterans is at the heart of what we do, especially now when our nation is in crises at its highest level of need. We know that gainful employment will help reduce homelessness in the veteran population. Therefore, our experienced team of Business Service Representatives also works with those veterans who are not fully enrolled in the HVRP program. Through a new Honors Award grant with Veteran Affairs, we offer supportive services like transportation, clothing and individual job readiness classes so that each veteran has the necessary tools to secure employment and housing, where the need exists.

Through our comprehensive model, we work to ensure that no veteran in Chicago faces homelessness. By focusing on the whole individual, we give our veterans a greater chance at long-term success. Our Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program and Honors Award Program is reimagining veteran services in the city of Chicago.

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