Donate to Of Color, Inc.

Our clients live in the most impoverished communities throughout Chicago, those areas which have been left behind with an unemployment rate of more than 40%. Please help us to help serve those who are most in need.



Pays for one month of transportation cards covering the costs until a clients receives their first paycheck


Pays for work clothes, boots/shoes and even a warm coat


Covers the cost for childcare services for one month as a family transitions into employment and housing


Gives assistance for start-up costs for client utilities for ten households


Covers six weeks of a paid work base learning assignment for one young adult


Sets up a home for one homeless veteran that has secured new employment allowing he/she to become permanently housed

How Your Money Helps

Retired Air Force Veteran, Gregory Stephens, gives thanks to the services Of Color Inc provided to him. From mortgage assistance, to clothing for the upcoming winter season, OCI has got him covered.