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RiseKit connects you with hundreds of different opportunities. We're not one of the other job boards out there. We help you find gainful employment and create a personalized approach to land a job.

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Criminal history? No problem. RiseKit partners with employers that see more than just a conviction. All of our job listings are felon-friendly.

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356+ people have found jobs or training programs

RiseKit Jobseeker

Jocelyn Diaz

I've never worked for a company like this before. They, truly, truly, care for their workers. I feel so lucky because RiseKit connected to me to Kaizen Health.

RiseKit Jobseeker

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams came to RiseKit concerned about age discrimination. She was having financial difficulties and worried that no company would take a chance on her because of her age. RiseKit’s Career Navigator helped Sharon update her resume and get the interview training she needed to land her dream role. Sharon has now secured full-time, remote employment as a marketing coordinator at Cigna. RiseKit also connected her to its community partners to help improve her overall financial situation.

RiseKit Jobseeker

Marcus Robinson

As a justice involved young adult, he felt defeated because many companies would not hire him due to his background. RiseKit helped Marcus update his resume and introduced him to various resources and training opportunities to help him become more competitive and secure gainful employment.

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Job & Training Opportunities Available At RiseKit

Sales Jobs

$30,000 - $100,000+ (with commission)

Sales is the best way to make a lot of money, have a rewarding career in tech or any industry, and there will always have jobs available in sales no matter the econ,y. Whether you need a job ASAP or training, sign up here.


Jobs for Veterans

Pay Varies

We partner with employers that prefer to hire veterans, as well as training programs to help veterans get job ready.


Jobs for Ex-Offenders

Pay Varies

Criminal history? No problem. Riskit partners with employers that see more than just a conviction. All of our job listings are felon-friendly.


Warehouse & Logistics Jobs

$30,000 - $100,000+

Supply chain, logistics, and warehouse jobs are needed more than ever. Sign up here to get access to hundreds of job opportunities as well as training opportunities.


Real Estate & Property Management

$40,000 - $80,000+

Property managers and real estate jobs will always be around. Build long relationships with people by helping them through challenges at their house, apartment or office.


Manufacturing Jobs

$30,000 - $60,000+

Before and during COVID, manufacturing jobs have always been one of the most needed jobs in the world. Pay is often strong and upward mobility can happen with hard work!


Healthcare & Administrative Jobs

$30,000 - $60,000+

Hospitals and healthcare systems always need the talent and employees to keep the hospital working. Hospital systems often offer rewarding and impactful employment with great benefits.


Hospitality Jobs

Pay Varies

With Covid-19 really changing the workplace, restaurants, and hotels have started to offer even better pay and sometimes even benefits. RiseKit and Of Color work with hospitality employers that treat their employees well.


Customer Service Representative

$30,000 - $50,000+

Tech companies and other firms need customer support more than ever. Some employers reference this position as Account Management, Customer Success, Technical Support or Help Desk. There is a ton of upward mobility in these positions!


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