Rapid ReHousing Program Services

Serving 40 homeless families, one step at a time

We are proud to introduce our new housing program which began October 2022 through generous funding and partnership from the Mayor’s Office and All Chicago. “Safe, affordable housing is a human right” states Executive Director, Renita White at Of Color, Inc. 

Of Color Inc’s housing program does not mandate service delivery but instead encourages resources. We believe that each family unit is unique and that we should be equipped to begin the engagement process where our participants are. Once our participants decide to receive services, we introduce a family systems approach that wraps services around the participants and members of their household. We work with individuals and families to investigate support areas to produce a positive outcome.

Our doors are always open, and staff work flexible hours to meet the needs of our participants. Housing Case Managers advocate for tenant rights and work with individual landlords to ensure a positive tenant-landlord relationship, such as following building rules, paying rent on time, and reducing apartment damages. Our goal is to help participants transition into sustainable living situations that they can be proud of and maintain independently.

Housing Case Managers help program participants identify their individual needs and goals through a detailed assessment process. This process is critical in helping participants identify the barriers, supports, and strengths related to successful independence. Assessment plans are created to identify specific goals and strategies for achievement. Assessments are conducted in a culturally respectful manner that is mindful of the participant’s age, language, developmental level, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Reassessments are conducted every six months to identify accomplishments, the lack thereof, and new goals for the upcoming period.

We know that before our program participants can get stable employment and fully live their best lives, they must obtain housing. We work with realtors and other community partners across the city to ensure that everyone in our program gets this chance.

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