Who We Are

Of Color, Inc. is a minority, female owned and incorporated 501c3 (not for profit) The agency is founded on the belief that people “Of All Colors” can grow economically and together while contributing to the larger society if they are exposed to the positive resources that their communities and that same larger society has to offer them. We work to assist at-risk families economically through sustainable employment and increasing their education status.

The organization has a bold and ambitious goal to impact 3,000 individuals in select communities by 2030, serving 350 annually. As a servant leader, the Executive Director holds strongly that we, as a society should not rely on other structures to begin the conversation around those who struggle economically but to change the narrative from an advocacy and innovative perspective. She believes that with a “different” mindset, we can assist all families in one united and holistic manner, not excluding any person that suffers from economic disadvantages.

“Those from the community must be empowered to take a stand to educate, seek out resources and implement programs which will enrich the lives for those in need”.
–  Renita White  

Of Color, Inc.’s model brings H.O.P.E. to the minds of all underserved, misrepresented, and forgotten people, helping each person realize his/ her dreams while working towards goals with the assistance of multiple positive outlets and resources. The agency’s target group is expansive and inclusive of workforce services and training and workshops, which impact three specific age groups: 18-20, 21-24, and 25-65. These age groups include youth in care, opportunity youth, returning citizens, homeless individuals, veterans, and dislocated workers.

Our Workforce Business Center’s primary focus is to teach, empower, and link our participants to employment with advancement opportunities and/or into a higher education level, such as high school and college. We offer a variety of services under this umbrella to achieve our strategic goals. We believe that the reduction of trauma and violence is equally as significant as sustainable employment, housing and education. 

The introduction of soft skills and job readiness training is essential to any person in the workplace. We teach soft skills such as resume and cover letter development, customer service skills, coming to work on time, calling off appropriately, handling workplace conflict, minimizing traumatic experiences toward success, workplace diversity, engagement with other groups, and interviewing skills. We focus on soft skills because our research shows that more than 50 percent of our target population has lost employment due to these issues. 

Our services focus on the whole individual and run the gamut. We work with employment agencies in Chicago and beyond and other partners to provide entry-level jobs and felon-friendly jobs. Our housing partners help veterans, and underserved residents have a place to call home. Our youth program is training the next generation of leaders. Our ultimate goal is to help all of these groups thrive.

Our Team

Keisha Norris

Director of Workforce
Training & Business


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Ladon Brumfield

Project Manager
Training & Financial
Literacy Manager


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Tania White

Human Resource Manager

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Melina Higbee

Board Chair

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Brenda Duncan

Board Treasurer

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Board Member

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Board Secretary

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