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You’re interested in getting a job in IT. This page will show you what education you’ll need, the training resources to support your goal and guidance on where and who to apply to.

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What education will you need

You can start a career in information technology can only require a high school diploma (or equivalent) and the desire to get to work! Outside of your high school or college degree, technology certifications are extremely valuable in the information technology field. The certifications are important because they show that you have specific knowledge of a product or level of experience. Because these certifications are usually created by the product owner, they hold a lot of weight in deciding between candidates for a job. Some companies will pay for you to get certified while you work at the company as a part of their professional development benefits. The most common certifications for IT professionals are:

Who can help you get started?

When entering or moving to the IT field, there are a lot of options available to learn the hard and soft skills associated with the entry and mid-level roles. The right program will give hands-on training with the software you need to know to succeed, career support, and a great resource for networking. Below you’ll find a couple of training program recommendations from RiseKit’s partners:

i.c.stars- has centered its work around enabling adults from underserved communities to enter the technology field. They are equal parts employment development skills and community-based advocacy prep to empower the adults they serve. They connect their graduates with career opportunities and an essential professional network.

YearUp- YearUp brings talented young adults and top companies together to launch careers, power businesses, and build community. Students can sign up for hands-on training, the opportunity to get real-world experience, and alumni support to help to find their first step in their tech career!

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Who’s hiring?

Now that you’re ready to get into the tech industry, it’s time to start your job search. Check out a couple of the most in-demand job titles available in the field today: