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You’re interested in entering the allied healthcare field. This page will show you what education you’ll need, the training resources to support your goal and guidance on where and who to apply to. 

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What education will you need?

The first step in entering any new field is to make sure you have some, if not all,, of the skills, required and the education to match. To enter the allied healthcare field requires specific education ranging from a 12-month certificate to a 2-year associate’s degree or a combination of a degree and specific certifications. The training you receive may include deep-diving into related healthcare terms and hands-on practice doing healthcare tasks on actual humans. At the end of your training, typically, there will be some kind of exam or certification to confirm your knowledge.

Popular certification includes:

Who can help you get started?

The Department of Labor has a focus on investing in projects that prepare people for employment in the health care sector. They recognize that the allied health care sector is a promising sector for employing youth and young adults. Because of this focus, there are a good amount of programs popping up around the country.

Local community colleges are taking advantage of this initiative across the country. They try to partner with neighboring school systems, especially the high schools to give another path to success to their students. Some of these programs include:

Popular Employers in the space

There are 5 main sectors for allied health professionals:

General medical and surgical hospitals

Nursing care facilities

Home healthcare facilities

Physician offices

Dentist Office

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Who’s hiring?

The only thing left to do now is to apply! Check out some popular healthcare roles below: