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Are you looking for a career in the manufacturing, warehouse, or logistics sector? Working with your hands, using your brain and brawn, and creating something from nothing have long been the pride and joy of the American dream. Thus, many Americans have chosen to go into manufacturing because of the stability, growth, and potential benefits the field provides. This page will help you get started!

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Step One: The Overview

As the cost of a traditional 4-year degree rises and students find that they don’t need a bachelor’s degree to guarantee their success, they turn to jobs in manufacturing or in a warehouse to start their careers and move forward in life. Entering a manufacturing job in manufacturing comes with great benefits, good pay potential, and a set schedule that makes it easier to plan life’s events around it.

Some of the more popular job titles include:

Product Assembler

Engineering Production Worker

Inventory Control Manager

Warehouse Manager

Forklift Operator

Machine Operator

Material Handler

Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse Associate

Step Two: The Resume

Try to format your resume to focus on your relevant experience including experience you may have gained outside of your education. Then, make sure you include the skills that you have according to the job description that you receive for the job. Lastly, write your objective clearly including information about your specific job history and what kind of job you’re looking for so the hiring manager can clearly see how you can fit into their organization.

Step Three: Your Job Search

The job search for a manufacturing job is very similar to how many warehouses and industrial plants are located, so it is a great place to start your search. These schools usually have relationships with well-known companies hiring for your skills, making it easier to get your feet in the door.

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