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The world is increasingly relying on information technology (IT) to complete tasks ranging from the simple (making a call) to the complex (launching a rocket). Therefore, the number of people pursuing a career in IT-specific roles is rising due to a rise in demand and the higher earning potential available.

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Step One: The Overview

There is space for almost every experience/ education level from high school graduates to those with a Master’s degree. Getting a job in IT comes with a lot of benefits including good pay potential, the ability to work in almost any industry, a stronger work/life balance, and there are multiple growth opportunities! When looking for jobs in information technology without a 4-year degree, look for job titles such as the ones below.

Some of the more popular job titles include:

Computer support specialist

Junior data analyst

Help desk analyst

Computer Programmer

IT manager

Computer software engineer

Cybersecurity specialist

DevOps engineer

Software Architect

Step Two: The Resume

The most important part of your resume will be your skills and experience, not your academic history. Employers want to know what transferable skills you bring to the role and what hands-on experience you have. Instead of writing a resume objective statement, include a summary statement instead that includes the most impressive parts of your resume for easy recall. One of the easiest ways to bulk up your resume is to work on personal projects like creating an open-source code uploaded to GitHub or creating websites for yourself or a local business. Including a portfolio of your work is an addition that will make your resume stand out in the pile that hiring managers see.

Step Three: Your Job Search

As it’s possible to begin a career in information technology without a college degree, you may not have the conventional career services center to turn to. In this case, start networking as soon as you decide to pursue a career in IT. This network will be invaluable as you begin your job search as well as a helpful space to get your IT and technical questions answered as you start building your skillset. If you decide to complete a boot camp certification course as is common in this field, start with the program’s employment partners and make sure to reach out to impactful instructors to access their networks.

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