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Do you need any specific education or certifications?

As you may assume, the education and certifications needed for a career in manufacturing usually require a high school diploma or an equivalent and you may need to pass a physical fitness test if the job requires specific heavy lifting.

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There are certain roles in warehouses and in plants that require special certifications especially as you move up in your career path. Usually, your employer will pay for the certification during your training process. The lower barriers to getting a job in a warehouse or at an industrial plant make it a popular career choice for many.

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Most warehouse jobs require on the job training that should prepare you well for the role you’ll be completing. Oftentimes if you’re interested in being a forklift operator, you’ll need to get a forklift driver certification that your employer may pay the cost for. Many training programs provide skills training and job readiness classes to prepare you for navigating your new place of employment.

When searching for workforce training programs, make sure that you prioritize the programs available from your state government and research what kind of outcomes they’ve produced for their participants and what kind of companies they place alumni in. To find programs like this, you can create a profile on RiseKit. Getting a job in a warehouse/ industrial plant is most dependent on the demand from the economy (which is typically high), your personality, and your proven work ethic.

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